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Fixed Base Multi Angle Launcher

Launcher Price £29.95

Fixed Base Launcher Video

With Post & Packaging

Straight Launcher

Launcher Price £19.95

Straight Launcher Video

With Post & Packaging

Straight Post Launcher

Launcher Price £18.50

Straight Post Launcher Video

Video coming soon

With Post & Packaging

Spare Parts for Fullbore Water Rocket Launchers, Post to  United Kingdom ONLY

1 x Cord, Pin & O-Ring

Cord Price £5.00

Post and Packaging to UK Only

1 x Launch Tube

Tube Price £4.00

Post and Packaging to UK Only :-

1 x Launcher

Luncher Price £15.00

Post and Packaging to UK Only :-

•The water rocket launchers come complete with launch pin, launch tube (285mm x 20mm), spare ‘O’ ring, launch cord, operating instructions and stands.

•You get pegs with all launchers but NOT with the Fixed Base Launcher.

•Launcher is pressure tested and preassembled, with only the launch tube to twist into place.

•You will be able to launch 1.5 ltr, 2 ltr and 3 ltr plastic (PET) soda pop bottle over 250+ ft. into the sky using only water and compressed air from a pump.

•Fuel (water and air) is essentially free and readily available allowing countless launches without additional expense.

•Launcher supports air pressures as low as 20 PSI up to 120 PSI. It won’t take much to launch your rockets into the air with the right pump.

•Unlike some launchers, this one has a launch tube (285mm Length x 20mm Diameter) which allows for a slower release of fuel (water/air) and allows for longer "thrust" time. It also gives your rocket more stability during initial take-off.

•After pumping up the bottle to the PSI of your choice, you control when the launch occurs by pulling on the brightly coloured cord to release the launch pin from a safe distance.

•Experiment with different amounts of water and different size plastic soda pop bottles as well as different amounts of air pressure to achieve varying launch heights.

•Great item for people of all ages for fun, science projects, school classes, parties, etc. and may well draw a crowd where it is used.You will find that this is a fun activity for anyone to get involved in.

•Trigger mechanism is a double pronged pin that slides in over the lip of the bottle this allows for high pressure launches (120 psi) without rockets prematurely leaving the launcher.

•The launcher is mainly made from durable non-corrosive PVC pipe and no moving parts, only the launch pin moves.

•The stand is strong, thick ply-wood that is hand made & painted, and complete with metal pegs. Tested and quality checked.

•You will need to get a water source to fill your rocket ready for launch.

•To make a rocket and launch you will need: Plastic (PET) soda pop bottle, water, air source (bicycle pump, foot pump, or larger pump), a large open area to launch in.

•No tools required for assembly as the lauch tube can be pushed and twisted into place by hand and the stand pegs down.

•Encourages creativity with rocket building out of household materials.The need to build bigger and better rockets is unavoidable for most people.

•Anyone looking for a new hobby or anyone that loves model rockets but wants a cheap alternative to the usual "fire-in-the-hole" engine rockets!

•A great gift that brings out creativity and keeps people engaged in outdoor activities!

•Designing and building rockets made out of empty 2 liter bottles allows the creative side in anyone to come out (adults included!).

•The thrill of having your first "successful" flight keeps you coming back for more.

•A standard 2-liter pop bottle 1/3 full of water, pumped to 80 psi and then released, will eject all its water in less than one-tenth of a second, and at that point ("burnout") will only be about 2 meters off the ground. Amazingly, its velocity at burnout is around 76 meters per second. That's over 170 miles per hour! This means the average acceleration during thrust is 111 g's! Amazing!!!!!!

•Safety rule number 1: Never get in the way of one of these rockets...

•A plain bottle is of course aerodynamically hopeless, and tumbles fluffily after burnout, rarely going higher than 60 or 70 feet. But if you add fins and nose weight, transforming the bottle into an aerodynamically stable rocket then all that initial thrust can be transformed into truly amazing altitudes of over 250 - 300 feet. You really have to see it to believe it.

•Looking for a new hobby, then you gotta get one of these launchers!

•Aborting the Launch - If you need to abort the launch, you can release the air from inside the rocket without firing water all over the place by SLOWLY removing the air connection to the air line / air connection from the pump. Please hold each end very tightly and be careful when releasing the air as it can be very high pressure!!!!

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